Our Story

Hi there!

So you want to know a little bit more about for creative use only.? Good thing you clicked the About Us tab then.

fcuo is the lovechild of Wesley Dyke & Carli Grobler. While living in London, Wesley noticed a gap in the digital marketing sector: a need for great “user-generated” content for brands that is perceived as authentic and sincere.

Wesley, Carli and anyone else in the marketing world also knows that word of mouth can make or break a brand!

In advertising school, the first thing you learn is that a brand’s best form of marketing, good or bad, is word of mouth. Rather AWESOMELY though, the days where word of mouth is left solely up to your customers is gone. How cool that we live in the digital age where we can now leverage and create our OWN word of mouth though great Social Media Management.

The implementation of business pages on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, gives you/us (yes us, if you want to jump into bed with us… it’s a collaborative effort) the power to engage directly with your customer and your ideal target market. Did you know that through Facebook Ads you can sell that hair straightener, energy drink or even (insert your random product here) to your ideal customer. No, we don’t mean put it on your Facebook page and hope someone tech savvy stumbles across your page. We mean through Facebook and their amazing algorithms you can find little Suzie in the Back-of-Beyond and pop up on her newsfeed and say, hey look at this hair straightener we got for you!

This is where we come in. Gone are the days of marketing posters and sayings made famous by Mad Men. We live in a world where consumers are increasingly demanding transparency and authenticity from the brands they interact with. User-generated content (UGC) is outperforming branded content across a whole range of metrics, because consumers see UGC as more honest. Companies who switch to more authentic content see a major lift in conversion rates. Your best sales rep is that customer who always shares your content!

“How do we capitalize on this?”, we hear you asking through your laptop, tablet or smartphone… Well, it’s simple… You give us a call, drop us an email or DM us on FB.

After letting our creative juices flow during an awesome, caffeine-fueled brainstorming session with you… we use photography, videography and a kick-ass content plan to take your brand into that glorious, authentic space.

We pride ourselves in getting our hands dirty. We spend as much time out of the office (any excuse, hey) and with your brand as possible, constantly tweaking and adjusting your voice to resonate with your customers.

So, all you need to know now is that you can reach us here.