The Backstory

for creative use only., or fcuo, was originally founded in 2017 by my friend (Wesley Dyke) and me (Carli Grobler). We had spoken about starting a company together ever since we were in high school and in 2017 we finally found ourselves in the same city at the same time. We had both just completed our studies and were itching to get going.

Living in a smaller town meant that things got to us a little slower than usual, but one thing we realized was that social media was a powerful tool for all businesses, but even more so for small, independent ones. From early on, we knew that we wanted to help entrepreneurs and “the little guy” get the word out about their amazing brands and services.

But in a world where 1.62 billion people visit Facebook daily, it can be daunting for smaller businesses to join the conversation. We often had clients worry about how they were going to do this and how to compete with all of the ads from bigger brands. To us, the solution seemed pretty simple: just be yourself. Being real is the one thing that will make your audience relate to you and help them to form a connection with your brand.

Which brings us to…

Our Values


You do you. Seriously. If you let your brand interact with your clients in an authentic way, you will find followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. We advocate for real interactions and communication that will resonate with your audience – we do the same at fcuo.


We believe that collaboration is key to forming a long-term partnership with our clients. We want to get to know you and your brand so well, that we can confidently speak in your brand’s voice and communicate with clients on your behalf. This means that during the first part of us working together, we will ask you a lot of questions so we can learn everything there is to know. You are your brand’s first ambassador and we want to tap into that wealth of knowledge to help us do our jobs better.


It’s right there in our name. We have oodles of creative thinking going on and we love channeling our problem-solving capabilities into solutions for our clients. Naturally curious with a willingness to push the limits a little, we’re game-changers and enjoy coming up with strategies that are different.


In a world that’s exploding with paid marketing and platforms pushing for more and more revenue, we like to be… different. While paid ads certainly have their place and can help your business, it shouldn’t be the only way you communicate – remember how we spoke about being authentic? Organic efforts on social media will help you create a true following of supporters who believe in your brand and its values. This is where you make a difference.

Where We Are Now

Now that you know a little more about fcuo, it’s probably time we broke the news to you… Wesley sold his soul and is now working for a corporate giant. Jokes aside, we’re very happy for him and he is thriving in his favorite place in the world, London. Carli has relocated to Vancouver, Canada and continues to work with our clients based all over the World, from South Africa, to the Caribbean to the UK.

About Carli

headshot of carli grobler

I completed a Master’s Degree in Media Studies (Cum Laude) in 2016 and since then I have dedicated myself to helping brands communicate effectively in the online world. Partnering with small businesses and solopreneurs is my passion, but I have also worked with some international brands and large companies where I can provide a unique, outside perspective to their marketing efforts.

Currently, I am based in Vancouver, Canada, but I work remotely with many clients, so no matter where you are, feel free to reach out!